Security Compliance & Privacy

Ace of Cloud has developed a unified methodology to adequately address multiple compliance frameworks all in one go


Independent Assessment & Testing

Ask about our assessment services and how we can help you can help with your next auditing needs.

Cloud Architecture & DevOps

Talk to our cloud experts to figure out how we can migrate your on-prem systems to the cloud and best optimize your cloud architecture



as a Service

We can help with our range of cyber security experts in creating a security roadmap and managing your continuous monitoring program 


ABOUT Ace of Cloud

Ace of Cloud is a one stop shop consulting services company specializing in IT Security, Cloud Architecture/DevOps, and Security Compliance with experiences serving multiple markets including Federal, Healthcare, and Commercial.

high growth problems,
easily solved

Ace of Cloud is tailored for high growth businesses. Providing identity verification with enterprise uptime, fast response times, reliable data, and battle-tested infrastructure

happiness from customer
to compliance officer

Your users deserve the best experience without compromising security or compliance. Ace of Cloud services are designed to both accelerate the customer journey, and minimize fraud and compliance review