Data Security Services

As our name suggests, we take pride in having extensive expertise for all things Cloud.  Whether you are migrating from a legacy system, setting up a brand-new instance, or looking to get your offering compliant (i.e. FedRAMP, ISO 27K, etc.)


Ace of Cloud has the experts to help you achieve your goals!

Which Service are YOU looking for?


Security Compliance & Privacy

Implementing a privacy and compliance program helps your business eliminate the risks of data breaching. This is a process which evolves with the advancements in systems and technologies.


We do this with the help of professional attorneys who excel in corporate laws and are well aware of compliance regulations.


Independent Assessment & Testing

Looking for an auditor to handle your CMMC Certification Audit?  Need to figure out what your security posture is? Where do you have potential vulnerabilities? Do you have the right technology and processes in place to protect yourself from adversaries?


Ask about our assessment services and how we can help you can help with your next auditing needs.


ISSO as a service​

Are you an organization in need of dedicated security resource but just don’t have the bandwidth or resources to achieve? Ace of Cloud can help with our range of cyber security experts in creating a security roadmap and managing your continuous monitoring program.


Cloud Architecture & DevOps

Going to the “Cloud” is great.  You get all the wonderful technological benefits as well as being cost-effective……but only if it is done right.  Too often, organizations make the mistake of not being able to reap the benefits of being in the cloud and end up overspending or left with “broken” features.


Talk to our cloud experts to figure out how we can migrate your on-prem systems to the cloud and best optimize your cloud architecture.