About Us

Ace of Cloud is a one-stop shop consulting services company specializing in IT Security, Cloud Architecture/DevOps, and Security Compliance with experiences serving multiple markets including Federal, Healthcare, and Commercial.

All Your Critical Questions Regarding Cybersecurity, Risk & Compliance – Answered!

This cyber focus has made us the leaders in security technology, giving us the ability to provide our clientele with tools, talent, and the knowledge to implement comprehensive cybersecurity programs. We serve many different industries and organizations of various sizes, adopting unique approaches to cybersecurity and helping change the cybersecurity paradigm for good. Driven by integrity, accountability and a drive for excellence, you can count on our experts for:

  • ​​ Thorough network assessments, even for the most-attacked networks of the country

  • Comprehensive IT risk management and security compliance solutions

  • Reduced costs for cloud security assessment and authorization solutions

  • Real-time enterprise cybersecurity services deployment

  • Securing data communications for US federal government entities and the Intelligence community at large

  • Prioritizing your security issues and addressing them conclusively.


We are united by a vision to create and deliver leading cybersecurity solutions for some of the world’s hardest cybersecurity challenges. Whether you are looking for a formal cybersecurity strategy, or want our help in satisfying audit/compliance needs, we can help. Our consultants can design an integrated IT security ecosystem that identifies and addresses security risks and mitigate them, protecting your assets as a result of it all.

who we are

Ace of Cloud is focused on simplifying consumer and business identity verification through cutting-edge technology integrations and partnerships. We hone in on the problems that high growth companies face to deliver products tailored for large onboarding volumes. ​


We empower companies with advanced tech that helps to optimize customer onboarding experience using developer-centric infrastructure, and an industry-first gradual verification approach, maximizing match rates.

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our mission

Our Mission is to bring our clients success by providing them with innovative solutions and services that bridge the gap between IT and business prioritizations.

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Using our extensive experience and expertise, we would like to support all aspects of the information security spectrum - from compliance, continuous monitoring, cloud security, to risk management.


We focus on comprehensively mapping out our clients' cyber threats and vulnerabilities, thereby, empowering them to take impeccable security measures to counter said risks.